FCP Waves Bye Bye

Just a quick post about the way FCP currently handles (or doesn't!) waveforms for me.

As you can see from the picture there is very little in the way of a waveform to look at! This is what you can see when you load a clip in to the viewer from the browser or match-frame it from the timeline. Obviously not ideal.

Coming Soon...

I'm currently putting the finishing touches to Autoboard - my Filemaker Pro based solution to the time consuming task of creating cut lists and storyboards from your animatics. I've been using this for over 18 months on 3 different series and it has saved me countless hours of tedious manual work - and saved my employer a massive sum of money too! I'll put some screenshots up when I've got the UI designed properly.


My lab.
Its ideally going to be where I put all the scripts and databases I've made to make my life easier... Maybe you'd like them to make your life easier too!


New website is now live... Maybe running a CMS will help me keep it up to date this time! Time will tell...

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