Dropbox Genius

Well... its been a while but I thought I should start the year with a good news post rather than the slating of Final Cut Server that was taking place last year! So, here it is: Dropbox Genius!

One of my massive gripes with Dropbox was that you couldn't set your Dropbox folder to anything other than an internal drive. If you tired, you got an error stating that "target folder is on removable media". Not particularly great if you have a Netbook with an SD Card as your main storage but pretty ridiculous if you're trying to set the Dropbox folder to a SAN drive, as I was!

My initial response at seeing this was "removable media?! I'd like to see you remove my 4U rack-mounted box from behind locked doors!"

According to this page, you don't have to do anything to enjoy the latest versions of Dropbox but I noticed that the latest version of on the site (v0.7.97) was later than my 0.6.402 that I was running. Needless to say, I downloaded the latest version, threw caution in to the wind and just installed it over the top of my existing application. Everything went as expected and on launch, all my files were in the correct places.

A quick trip to the preferences showed new options for enabling LAN sync, which got me to thinking I could perhaps move the folder to the LAN too. And to my surprise, on selecting to move the folder location to the SAN, rather than being greeted by the above error, I was instead given a warning:

One click later and I'm all done. An instant move of all my files to the SAN, the ability to set the Dropbox as a device in Final Cut Server and I can also have other users on the network put things in to the Dropbox (which is linked to our audio mix house, composers, writers, directors etc). In a word; brilliant!
I just wish I'd been told about this sooner!

Finally, if you haven't got a Dropbox account, get over to www.dropbox.com and set yourself up. I can thoroughly recommend it!