This is a small selection of my work over the last few years. If you would like a full CV, please get in touch.
The majority of my work is Online and Offline Editing using Avid and Final Cut Pro with the usual extra software like Photoshop, After Effects, Motion, DVD Studio and Digital Fusion etc.

:: Peppa Pig, (Jan 2008-current), 104x5’ animation for Nick Jr, Editor.

:: Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom, (Jan 2008-current), 52x11’ animation for Nick Jr, Editor.

:: A Place in the Sun (June 2007-Oct 2007), Freeform for Channel 4. Offline, Online & Grade.

:: That Anthony Cotton Show, (April-May 2007), ITV1. Offline & Online.

:: Secrets behind Celebrity Stars in their Eyes, (April-May 2007), ITV1. Offline & Online
:: Soapstar Superchef (April 2007), ITV, Offline/Online VTs. 
:: Ben Elton “Get A Grip” & The Mark Thomas Project DVDs, Online & Grade.

:: Gene Detectives (Nov 2006-Feb2007), Lead editor overseeing 7 offlines. BBC1
:: A Place in the Sun (June 2006-Oct 2006), Freeform for Channel 4. Offline.

:: Perfect Housewives, (Oct 2005-Feb 2006), 8x60’ RDF North for BBC3, Location VTs.

:: Most Haunted (Sept 2005), 60' Flagship paranormal show for Living TV. Online Editor.

:: Win Your Own Home (Sept 2005), 20x30' Game show for RDF North (cut at 3Sixty Media). Offline Editor.

:: Those Were The Days (Jun 2005), 8x30' Archive show on the history of Granada. Online Editor.

:: Room By Room (Mar 2005), 10x30' House renovation for Discover H&L. Online Editor.

:: The Afternoon Show (Dec 2004), VT Inserts. Online Editor.
:: Blizzard of Odd (Nov 2004), Title sequence for series 3, RTE (Ireland). Compositor.

:: Cannonball 8000 (Oct 2004), Multi versions for M&M, ITV1 & DVD. Online Editor and Colourist
:: Reality Bites (May 2004), 10x30' cooking programme (series 2) ITV1. Online Editor.

Documentary / Factual
:: The Cull, Concept Pictures, Online Editor & Colourist.

:: Lookin’ For Lucky, Concept Pictures, Online Editor & Colourist.

:: China Bound, (June 2007), Discovery HD. Online.

:: Panorama – Immigrants: How we lost count, (April 2007), BBC. Online.

:: Diana’s Last Day, (April 2007), ITV1. Online & Grade.

:: She’s a Thoroughly Modern Muslim, (April 2007), BBC. Online& Grade.

:: Heven & Earth (Feb 2007), BBC1, Offline/Online VTs.

:: Shiny Shiny (Sept 2006), Granada TV. HD Drama online.
:: Amsterdam Nights (Feb – July 2006), Granada Factuals. Offline/Online.

:: New Street Law (March 2006) Red Productions. HD Online.
:: The Pilgrim Poet & Sacred Nation (Feb 2006), Promo/Pilot for BBC. Grade.

:: 7 Wonders of the North West (Dec 2005), 1x30’ for BBC1. Online & Grade.
:: A Different Life (Sept 2005), 1x30' Doco for C5. Online Editor & Colourist.

:: Festivals (Aug 2004) & Festivals 2 (Aug 2005), Award winning children's educational videos. Online Editor, Graphics and Colourist.

:: A Picture of Manchester (June 2005), 1x30' BBC1(NW) Profile of Liam Spencer, Part of BBC's Picture of Britain. Online Editor & Colourist.

:: Sex, Lies & Politics (May 2005), 1x60' Sky1. Online Editor.